Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Insurgent Movie Score Released!

According to Film Music Reporter.com, "Interscope Records has released a score album for the second part in the Divergent series, Insurgent. The album features the film’s original music composed by Joseph Trapanese (Oblivion,The Raid, Earth to Echo). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio clips.As previously reported, the label has also released a soundtrack featuring the songs from the film, including a suite from the score and the M83 feat. Haim’s Holes in the Sky, which the composer produced. 

Read on if you want to see the track list! It kind of gives away the movie in 20 song titles though so you might want to wait! However I can honestly tell you the music in the movie is moving and superb. I am so glad we get to own it!

Here’s the album track list:

1. We Found It (4:42)
2. Amity (3:50)
3. Dauntless Arrive (3:47)
4. Escaping Amity (3:42)
5. Train Attack (3:17)
6. Progeny (1:55)
7. Candor (5:02)
8. Truth Serum (6:22)
9. Test Subject (1:38)
10. Raiding Candor (1:33)
11. Dauntless Havoc (4:41)
12. Surrender The Traitor (3:35)
13. You’re Worth It (3:37)
14. Tris Meets The Box (5:51)
15. Dauntless (5:19)
16. Erudite (4:39)
17. Final Sim (4:37)
18. You’re Real (4:26)
19. I’m The Real You (3:36)
20. The Message (2:59)

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