Sunday, February 22, 2015

Third Insurgent TV Spot - "Risk Everything" + 15 Screenshots

This is the TV Spot that aired before the Oscars! (Another one came out earlier today as well, but this one is more exciting!)

Here are the screenshots of mostly new things in this TV Spot! And what I think of them! (click on them to enlarge)

 This must be inside Erudite!

Looks to me like Dauntless patrolling Factionless areas. And what is that Erudite propaganda? That's crazy!

Beautiful Amity

My theory is that's Jeanine on that building, because, as you'll see in a later screen shot (and like the second one) she's got herself projected everywhere. The book described Erudite HQ as having big paintings of her everywhere, the movie just took that a step further into the technological age.

A new angle of some FourTris love <3

Four and Tris leaving... somewhere. 

Eric's coming to get you... With Jeanine watching, as always. I happen to love how they've updated her Erudite propaganda 

A new glimpse at Caleb

Ooooh poor Marlene ;(

Four and Tris having a little heart to heart. I think this must be near the end because they're standing there with the box in the background.

Dauntless comes busting into Amity, most likely when they're searching for Four, Tris, Caleb and Peter. 

Dauntless taking out Amity from the inside. 

Tris and Caleb narrowly escaping the Dauntless attack.

Again, Eric is coming for you. Lol but seriously, he is.

And this last part... much better in video form but I had to post it because I had to share that it honestly made me gasp out loud that this is in the movie. So emotional when he's banging on the window and yells, "Tris!"

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