Friday, July 31, 2015

Insurgent VidCon Sizzle!! (VIDEO)

This sizzle was put together and debuted by Lionsgate at VidCon last week and hasn't been seen since!! Lionsgate gave us fan sites exclusive access to it so we can share it with all of our amazing followers!

Check it out and let me know what you think on instagram or twitter!! (@LadyofErudite) Does this get you excited for all the bonus features available on the Insurgent blu-ray and DVD?! Make sure to get your copy pre-ordered today! It's available August 4th!!

Screen shots! Not in any particular order (Click on them for enlarged view)

Amity Tris costume made by Louise Mingenbach

Amity set under construction

The floating house from Tris' sim on the giant blue screen stage

An interesting view of Candor

Dark Tris and Tris. Dark Tris in this image is Shauna Gilligan, Shailene's stunt double

From these story boards we can see that Edgar was originally scripted to wear an eye patch (yes, exactly like Edward's story line)

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