Friday, July 17, 2015

Hypable Exclusive: Shailene Explains the Truth Serum

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In a brand new video snippet from the upcoming Insurgent DVD, actress Shailene Woodley discusses the truth serum sequence her character Tris goes through when she and Four (Theo James) arrive at Candor seeking refuge.

As Woodley puts it, the truth serum in the world of Divergent is a double edged sword.

“On one hand, it’s good because it allows someone to speak honestly and openly but on the other hand it’s forced from them and so that honesty doesn’t come with any sort of compassion, or any sort of pillow, and it’s hard to hear new information that hasn’t been infiltrated with a sense of kindness,” explains the actress. “I felt very distraught to have to watch Tris go through something that was so stripping.

Check out what else Shailene Woodley had to say about the truth serum sequence in the clip below:

Tris may have gone through a traumatic experience with the truth serum but one of the qualities Shailene Woodley admires in her on-screen persona is her strength. Unlike other characters who are simply brave however, Woodley says she likes that Tris is strong “because she forces herself to be in the face of fear.”

“When something uncomfortable shows up on her doorstep, she doesn’t turn around, she faces it front on regardless of how much discomfort it may cause and I definitely resonate with that,” says Woodley in the clip below.

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