Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ansel Elgort Explains Why Caleb Runs So Weird!!!

I'm so glad he finally acknowledged it!! The thing that bugs me is... Caleb was Erudite. He would have been smart enough to know that running a certain way is going to be better for your body than flailing yourself around... I mean.. in the book Caleb was pretty good at jumping on and off the train because he could calculate the angles, distances, and timing of it all. I'm sure he could figure out how to run, Sheesh...

This is an interview Ansel had with MTV to clarify his reasoning in running so strangely.

Here's another interview he did, this one with Rotten Tomatoes, about his role as Caleb. He talks about the running thing at 1:14. (Some movie spoilers-ish in there, so if you haven't seen Insurgent you might not want to watch the stuff leading up to 1:14)

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