Saturday, June 13, 2015

New/Old Photos from the set of Divergent

These photos were recently shared by Garrett Warren, the stunt coordinator for the movie Divergent! His list of stunt work, both as coordinator and double, even sometimes the fight coordinator, is vast. Check it out here!

"Found a bunch of pics from past work. This is the set where we filmed the training fights on Divergent. I loved Alwins lighting. #divergent"
"Rehearsing with Shai and Theo. #divergent"
The above photo is of Shailene and Tony Goldwyn!
"The monitors while filming the fight training scenes of Divergent."

"Zoe Kravitz taking a break. Love her. She's a real person with a heart of gold and talent to match. Hated throwing knives but overcame them so well."
"Somebody threw those knives in the scene..."
"She built her own boxes for the fall as well. Never complains and is always a one take phenomenon. No one is better. @aliciavelabailey #divergent #highfall"
"The truss rig that suspended me over @aliciavelabailey when I operated camera and topped in while she did the high fall."
"Just before the drop. #divergent"
"You can see Basecamp with the Divergent jump building where Tris makes her leap into Dauntless. #divergent"
"Sitting up on the Ferris Wheel spotting Shailene and Theo."
"Loved this scene. Neil Berger is a genius and Alwin a true artist. Shai and Theo did it all themselves."
"Jai on the edge. (So to speak)"

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